100% USA Origin

Federal Signal Vietnam

Model: G-MSC-2C

G,Series Multi-Signal Configured Double Base 3

Factory pre-assembled and consisting one of each of the following items below

* 01 x G-STR-230-D-R, Global strobe light, Ex d, 220-240VAC, Red

* 01 x G-SND-MV-D,Global sounder,multi voltage,Ex d surface mount

* 01 x G-KIT-EC180, Global kit, inline Ebox coupler

* 01 x G-KIT-DT, Global kit, dual U-Bracket


100% UK Origin

E2S Vietnam

Model: BExCS11005DPFAC230AS2A1R/R

Explosion Proof Alarm Horn & Xenon Strobe


100% Taiwan Origin

Interfaceforce Vietnam

Model: SSM-100

SSM Sealed Super-Mini (U.S.Threads)


100% Germany/Singapore/Vietnam Origin

P+F Vietnam

Model: GL10-IR/32/40a/98a

Photoelectric Slot Sensor

100% Germany/Singapore/Vietnam Origin

P+F Vietnam

Model: DK12-11-IO/A/92/136

Print mark contrast sensor


100% China Origin

BaoYuanSen Vietnam

Model: LGV40200BW1YY1X


100% Japan Origin

TAKEX Vietnam

Model: LDU763LZ2

Laser-Projector; Including ADP1210X (adaptor)

100% Japan Origin

TAKEX Vietnam

Model: R−937/P.36 (R−937 / P.36)

Mounting Bracket


100% India Origin

Forball Marshall Vietnam

Model: DHX-12-1-0-2-1-2

Sample Cooler Model DHx-12

Sample Coil Material :ASTM A213 TP-316; Sample Inlet / Outlet End Connection : Double; Ferrule Compression fitting for 3/8" OD tube

Sample Coil Design Pressure: 250 kg/cm2; Sample Coil Hydro-Test Pressure : 375 kg/cm2; Shell Material : ASTM A240 TP 304; Cooling Water Inlet Size : 1" NPT(F) Bottom; Cooling Water Outlet Size : 1" NPT(F) Top; Shell Design Pressure : 10 kg/cm2; Shell Hydro-Test Pressure : 15 kg/cm2; Shell Relief Valve (in-built) size : Double Ferrule

B(mm) : 524 mm


100% USA Origin

Metrix Vietnam

Code: 5485C-004

Velocity Sensor - 375°C max., connector version

100% USA Origin

Metrix Vietnam

Cable Assembly: 4850-050

High Temperature ( 5485 Cable length must be in even increments past 20ft.  Example: Requested 21ft.  Offer 4850-022 (22ft.)