Turbidity Measurement

Measuring turbidity in the brewing industry, especially in monitoring filtration during the brewing process is firmly linked with the name SIGRIST.

Applications can be found in the brewhouse (e.g. monitoring the turbidity of wort), in the fermentation and filtration cellars (e.g. filtration control), in the bottling plant and in the laboratory (quality assurance).

SIGRIST turbidity meters supply the brew master with important information on the individual stages of the brewing process. SIGRIST laboratory turbidimeter furthermore ensure MEBAK compliant quality control in the laboratory.

Brewing water - Key factor for the quality and taste of the beer

Water is an important raw material in the brewing industry. Perfect water quality of the brewing water is an important criterion for a beer of good quality.

The turbidity value is important for the assessment of water quality and as an indicator of the effectiveness of the water treatment. By continuously measuring the turbidity of water, resources for water treatment can be better targeted. This will minimize your maintenance efforts and reduce the cost of treatment substances.

SIGRIST turbidity meters and turbidity sensors guarantee a reliable turbidity value and thus proper control of water quality.