pH and DO analyzer with the Hamilton Oxysens DO electrode on line RS-485, IP-65 and control relays.


pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature In-line Analyzer. 1/4 DIN, IP65, panel mount pH/DO/Temp analyzer with 2 wire 4-20mA current output, 2 sets of programmable on/off relay, RS485 output and backlight.

  • Graphic LCD with manual backlight displays pH, dissolved oxygen,temperature, relay status and transmitter current mA output simultaneously.
  • Automatic buffer recognition of US and European buffer sets.Calibration data is stored in memory and is ready for use on power up.
  • Isolated and reversible 4-20 mA current output for pH/ dissolved oxygen allows it to be used as a proportional output.
  • 5 programmable on/off relays: 2 for pH, 2 for dissolved oxygen and 1 for temperature.
  • RS-485 output for remote access via an compatible computer allows multiple units to be connected and ganged together.
  • Password protection.
  • IP65 watertight case.