ASCO CO2 Dew Point Tester  part no. 4046255  ASCO CO2 Vietnam

The ASCO CO2 Dew Point Tester reliably indicates the dew point (moisture content) of your CO2.

This equipment makes it easy to measure the dew point of liquid and gaseous CO2. A laminated, illustrated step-by-step short instruction sheet in A3 format and a detailed instruction manual are supplied with each tester. The ASCO CO2 Dew Point Tester (stainless steel) can be used either wall-mounted or free-standing.

Advantages of a CO2 Dew Point Tester:

• easy handling

• no calibration required

• ready for immediate use

• forgaseous and liquid CO2

ASCO CO2 Dew Point Tester Complete kit comprises:

• complete dew point tester

• thermometer

• pair of protective gloves

• protective glasses

• dry ice snow bag

• high pressure hose