RP22: RS-232 Optical Isolator Vietnam

 Lighting Surges Protection

- 115.2 kbps Data Rate

- 2500 VAC Isolation

- DB9 Connection


            RS-232 Optical Isolator RP22 is designed for isolates and protects RS-232 Equipment from lightning surges, accidental high-voltage short, and ground loop. RS-232 data signals TD, RD, RTS, and CTS are supported at up to 115.2 kbps. The RP22 provides 2500 V RMS of isolation between sides.

            Typical DTE devices include PCS, terminals, and printers. Typical DCE devices include modems and multiplexers. Most computer DTE ports are male and most DCE ports are female. If the RP22 inserted into a working system, it will only pass signals if inserted correctly. Therefore, if devices communicate with each other without the RP22 in the line, but not after it is installed, simply reverse the isolator using gender and reinstall.