Thiết bị cắt chai PET bằng dây nóng, Model HWC-100 Hot Wire Bottle Cutter.
Dùng cắt chai Pet chuẩn bị mẫu thí nghiệm, kiểm tra...
Hãng sx: Canneed - Hong Kong

Prepares bottles for section weight analysis.

PET bottle samples of 200ml to 2,000ml are cut in 4 predetemined portions, Each bottle portion are checked to ensure that they comply to the exact weight assignment

Effective method for section weight analysis:
- Precision bottle cutting
- No waiting for warm-up
- Energy saving operation
- Up to 5 section cutting 
- Robust design

The Hot Wire Cutter offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective method for cutting containers for section weight analysis. Using heated wires to do the cutting, the Hot Wire Cutter quickly slices through bottles as large as 3 liters, yielding a clean cut without deformation of the sections. The flexible, robust design makes the task of bottle cutting easier and more productive yet maintains the precision and repeatability that is needed for proper analysis.

The Hot Wire Bottle Cutter incorporates a dual
mode heating profile that maintains cutting wires
in a ready (warm) but safe state between samples or
while the system is idle. Full power is applied to the
cutting wires when the cutting arm is raised,
providing rapid heat-up for clean, precise
sectioning of the container.

- Dual mode heating system saves energy and extends the life of cutting wires
- Adjustable bottle finish holder accommodates a wide range of finishes without the need for special tools or change parts
- Adjustable supports hold bottles in place during cutting process   Precision scales permit wire positioning for accurate, repeatable sectioning
- 4 wire design facilitates up to 5 section cutting
- Flexible design enables a quick change from one bottle to another and easy adjustment of the cutting locationsaccording to the size and shape of the container
- No-tool job change enables rapid job change without the need for extra tools or accessories
- Optional fixtures are available for non-round containers

Bottle Capacity
Length up to 19 inches (483mm)
Diameter up to 6.2 inches (157mm)
Finish ID .50-2.1 inches (12.7-53.3mm)
Machine Dimensions 
7 inches H. x 25 inches W. x 22 inches D.
(178mm H. x 635mm W. x 559mm D.)
Weight 45 lbs (20kg)
Power 115 VAC @ 50/60 Hz (2.5A)
Optional Voltage 230 VAC @ 50/60 Hz (1.25A)